Cranedge India Pvt. Ltd.

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Cranedge offers complete maintenance services for Industrial and workshop cranes.
To streamline Cranedge Crane maintenance services with real time data from field engineers which will enable real time monitoring of maintenance schedules and lower maintenance costs which in turn enable organization to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Solution Implemented

Used ARCHIBUS Preventive Maintenance module along with Mobile app (developed by Crestere) to streamline and automate the maintenance process to proactively maintain critical assets, minimizing downtime and data availability for back office.


  • Streamlines and automates the maintenance contracts process to improve operational efficiency
  • Minimizes operational equipment downtime and costly repairs
  • Extends useful service life of physical assets resulting in reduced capital outlays
  • Improves planning by capturing metrics on costs, resource usage, service provider workload/performance, equipment maintenance history, and more
  • High crane up time, High productivity, Higher profitability

Some of Features/Functionality

  • Manage: Engineers, Customers, Location, Checklists
  • Manage: AMC, OTHC checklists, Crane datasheet
  • Manage: Cranes, Spare parts, SLA etc.

Reports: AMC Reports, OTHC Reports, Repair Reports, Spare Reports, Breakdown Reports, Schedule Reports etc.

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