Workplace solutions

Why you need Workplace solutions for your business

Hot Desking ( Hotelling )

Hot Desking allows efficient desk and work space utilization. Easy to use web based click & book for various types of spaces such as Conference Rooms, Desks, Break Out Areas and so on.
Due to flexibility and mobility Hot Desking solution brings to business some important Quantitative and Qualitative benefits as below –

  • Overall reduction of desk counts results in lesser space cost.
  • Improved Desk to Staff ratio with improved desk utilization.
  • Enables different teams to work under one roof helping collaboration.

Asset Tracker

Track all the assets in your infrastructure – Furniture and Equipment. Simple smartphone app in sync with web application can help you coordinate and keep track of equipment maintenance and make your job a lot simpler.

Asset Tracking benefits a business in following ways –

  • Improve the use of every asset with centralized lifecycle management and tracking
  • Reduce excess asset inventory with a clear understanding of actual needs
  • Enable better decisions in asset repurposing/replacement choices to avoid unnecessary expenditures
  • Facilitate the decommissioning and/or disposal processes of capital equipment and other assets

Occupancy Survey

Occupancy Survey is a proven system that has helped collect millions of occupancy records till date. It helps organizations to efficiently utilize their office space by conducting mobile field survey operations efficiently without loosing data. It absolutely doesn’t require any programming experience.

This app enables surveyors to perform the following functions –

  • Activate the application with the help of ‘Activation Code’ sent by the organization admin.
  • Download the survey on activation.
  • Participate in the assigned surveys by responding to the set of questions allocated to each survey.
  • Upload the survey responses.