GCAA, Abu Dhabi, UAE


The General Civil Aviation Authority was created in 1996 by Federal Cabinet Decree to regulate Civil Aviation and provide designated aviation services with observance to the safety and security to strengthen the aviation industry within the UAE and its upper space.


They wanted to track all their assets with mobile application.

Solution Implemented

Developed Windows Asset Tracking application which integrated with ARCHIBUS Facility Management solution web central to streamline asset management process.


  • Delivers improved furniture and equipment utilization rates, which can reduce capital expenditures by as much as 10% annually and can easily access through Windows PDA
  • Tracks and manages asset ownership and usage to increase organizational accountability and promote redeployment opportunities
  • Ensures compliance with financial accounting requirements and/or regulatory mandates
  • Establishes a coherent process for integrating asset planning, acquisition, tracking, disposal and investment recovery

Some of Features/Functionality

  • Login, Download Assets, Add/Search/Update Assets
  • Sync with ARCHIBUS web central
  • Approve/Reject PDA equipments, View PDA equipment